Dr. G.S. Naahar has pursued Bachelor in Dental Surgery. He has experience of 9 years in Noida.
Dr G.S.Naahar is a Fellow Member of MIDA, FAGE.
Email: contactus@pearlsdent.com
At Pearls Multi Speciality Dental Care Centre, Noida we believe that Oral Cavity is the primary gateway to health. We are committed towards providing treatment that is painless at affordable cost. We never let personal gain to overpower the correct treatment of the patient. For us long term relation is more important than short term gains.
We believe in first explaining the condition, treatment and probable time of treatment before starting the treatment such that the patient has fair understanding about the procedures. We ensure the best care is delivered at all time with utmost dedication.
We provide treatment with latest technologies.
At Pearls Multi Speciality Dental Care Centre, Noida  we believe in PQRST i.e.
Punctuality– We ensure that the treatment is completed as per the decided schedule.
Quality-We ensure that the materials and equipments that are being used are of best quality, with range of choices to select from.
Responsibility– We believe that it is responsibility to cure the patient in least painful way and also ensure that it is affordable.
Safety– We ensure high degree of sterilisation by latest sterilising equipments like auto-clave etc, to keep the patients protected from dreadful diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes etc.
Transparency– We ensure transparent environment by which we clearly state the condition of the problem, total cost, materials used and success rate of the treatment.
We maintain a clean environment in clinic to minimize and avoid any bacterial contamination. All instrument used for diagnosis or treatment are either disposed off or sterilized using high class autoclave system.

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